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July 18, 2011

fireplace logs

Natural gas is on the rise. It is predicted to double in cost this year.

Are you afraid to use your gas fireplace because you know those gas logs

don't throw enough heat? Are you frustrated because the gas logs are

downright ugly when they aren't burning? And now you won't use them because

you can't stand to waste the natural gas? Let's face it. Traditional gas

fireplace logs are inefficient. Let me explain why.

First, much of the gas burns behind the logs. You don't see most of the

flame and you don't feel the radiant heat from it. In order to see a good

deal of flame, you must turn the gas much higher than just an idle.

fireplace logs

 In doing so, you are burning more gas than you should. This also presents an

additional problem. By-products, mainly in the form of soot are produced.

Not enough oxygen can combine with the natural gas to completely burn it

up. Remember the days when cars were not equipped with catalytic

converters? Remember driving down the road and smelling the exhaust of the

cars around you? That is the smell of gasoline not being completely burned.

The catalytic converter solved that problem. It gets very hot and helps to

burn any leftover gasoline before it exits your exhaust system. Fireplaces

are like cars without catalytic converters. Soot and other by-products are

produced when natural gas is not completely burned.

Secondly, gas fireplace logs have some fill underneath them that is

supposed to look like ash from a wood burning fireplace. That fill

substance is usually crushed lava rock. Lava rock neither retains nor

radiates heat. No doubt, you have seen countless styles of heaters on the

market. Whether electric, natural gas, kerosene or propane, they all share

a common feature (with the exception of a few radiator-style heaters). The

heaters all have reflective surfaces around the heating element to better

radiate heat into your room. Those heaters do not have a lava rock lining

around the heating element. Manufacturers know that a reflective surface is

the best surface for throwing radiant heat.

Thirdly, the gas logs themselves do not help to drive radiant heat into the

room. The logs do retain heat, but the surface of them (made to look like

bark on a tree) is certainly not reflective. The surface of the logs is

usually very rough and starts getting covered with soot the first time they

are used. The soot further inhibits the logs from radiating heat.

In summary, gas fireplace logs are sold because some people would like to

see a fire that mimics what a real wood fire looks like. Often,

manufacturers don't take into account that consumers are only getting half

the benefit of having a fire if it's only visual, but lacks the heat


Electric Fireplace Logs are also known as electric fireplace inserts and

are a stylish way to introduce heating to a home, lending a warm ambience

to a room as well as heating it effectively and affordably.

The essence of fireplace logs is that they are artificial moulds of wooden

logs, sculpted in either ceramic or plastic, and designed to look as close

to a real wood burning fire as possible. Sometimes they are pre-moulded and

painted, and the more expensive ones are hand painted with dark charcoal

areas and brighter ember areas. Heat comes from an area around the logs,

not from them directly.

In the case of electric fireplace inserts, lights are inserted into the

artificial logs and they can be candelabra lights, LED lights or a

combination of the two. The lights can flicker, to give an authentic

roaring fire look and feel. The most expensive versions of electric logs

use a combination of both and the effect is quite dazzling.

Some models, such as those manufactured by Dimplex, have 3D flame effects

that us a mirror at the back of the logs to project an image of flickering

flames above the logs so it is really hard to tell that it is not a real

fire in the fireplace.

Some fireplace log inserts also have sounds, the crackling and roaring

noises you can hear from a real wood fire. This is an optional extra in

some cases and may or may not add to theambience, depending on your

personal preferences. Often fireplaces can be quiet anyway, particularly

those with a glass door at the front.

The best electric fireplace logs have the option of turning the heat off

but keeping the fire effect on. This enables the flickering glow of the

realistic fire to be switched on during overcast days or when the ambiance

is required, but not the warmth of the heater.

Electric Fireplace logs lend alot of ambience to a room and can turn an old

disused fireplace into a low-maintenance focal point for a room and home.

There are a number of great reasons for a home owner to enjoy a having a

roaring fireplace within the living room of their home. It is a valuable

tool for keeping warm during the winter months and also considered to be

quite romantic if the circumstances are appropriate. Since the glow of a

fireplace is more efficiently brought to home owners through more modern

technology, we will explain why many consumers consider gas fireplace logs

to be so special.

At least a few people reading this are unfamiliar with the concept of a gas

based fireplace log arrangement so we will explain it more extensively.

This unit is a fake model that mimics the look of a log arrangement

however, it utilizes gas based equipment to produce the actual fire. Such a

type of fireplace is quite common within many new homes that are currently

being sold.

The most popular type of design for such a log device is one that uses a

completely vent free concept. This concept is actually quite simple as

well. The technology of the unit creates a clean flame that produces no by

products or smoke. Because of this, no chimney is needed to vent the

fireplace that utilizes such technology. This type of gas log is currently

a very popular one.

If you have a passion for modern homes, you should not worry that a

fireplace will look out of place in your minimalist interior as

contemporary fireplaces not have even futuristic designs that fit even the

fanciest architecture. The look of fireplaces has evolved so much that

nowadays they look nothing like the items we were used to.

While skipping out on the chimney is very appealing to many, there might be

some people who are wondering what some of the other great benefits are.

The most important benefit of them all is that a person no longer has to

work to acquire regular firewood. People have spent time chopping and

processing firewood will appreciate this because the process is not only

quite laborious but demands a large investment of time.

Some people might be remembering that traditional fireplace arrangements

have to be adjusted with a fire poker device so that they flames can stay

healthy. These same people might also be reminded of the fact that logs

have to regularly be added to refuel the fire also. None of this things are

necessary when utilizing a gas logarrangement and this alone should be


gas logs

There are those people out there who think that there is no way that they

could afford this kind of equipment. This is a false pretense to function

under because the price of this type of equipment is typically more

attractive than the price oftraditional fireplace technology. Keep in mind

that if you are building from scratch, no chimney will be necessary in your


After considering the many great benefits that the owners of gas fireplace

logs receive, you might want to hit the internet to do some more extensive

research. There are a countless number of great companies that specialize

in these devices and have a high quality of customer service. This will

allow you to speak to a representative or sales person to address any

questions that you might have about gas based fireplaces.

On a cold winters day, there is nothing quite like sitting around a

crackling fire. That fireplaces are considered such a necessary part of

homes around the world is, therefore, hardly a surprise. Even though

fireplaces are no longer necessary to keep houses warm, their popularity

has actually been increasing in recent years. This is in spite of the fact

that other sources of heat are usually more convenient.

So, why are they so popular? Well, there is something comforting about

seeing where the warmth is coming from. In addition to the comfort factor,

there is also the nostalgic one, as there is something about looking into a

fire that reminds us all of good times spent in front of a fire in the

past. There is no denying the aesthetic value offireplaces either. Put

simply, they just look great! They create a focal point for a room, and

give even the most modern of homes a traditional and rustic feel.

Though they look great just on themselves, a log rack can make a fireplace

look even better. They offer a functional purpose too, as, without one, the

wood needed to keep the fire going can end up getting in the way and making

a mess of the floor. Log racks in various designs and finishes can be

found, including ornamental, curved, contemporary, black or bronze, so

something is available to compliment any room or personal taste. For those

willing to invest more, higher end models with unique, hand-forged accents

and designs can also be found.

You might also want to consider purchasing a log rack / wood carrier

combination, which helps to keep maintenance time down to a minimum. With

these, you can take the product apart when collectingthe wood and, after

the wood is taken inside the room with the fire, the wood carrier part can

then be placed directly back on to the log rack, meaning that no unloading

of the wood is necessary.

Finally, if you are someone who would love to have a fireplace but can not

due to one reason or another, then opt for an artificial one instead. These

now look incredibly realistic, as they have life-like ceramic logs within

them, that turn red and orange when the gas is turned is on. With the

addition of a log rack stacked full of wood next to an artificialfireplace,

hardly anyone would be able to tell the difference. You can have the full

visually pleasing appearance of a real fireplace, but without the

maintenance and safety concerns that one entails.