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February 15, 2017

With an interactive video greeting card to you ask for a date without the risk of rejection.

Hey, I thought of a brand new use for a MemoryTag greeting card that you probably haven’t thought of and even if you have thought of it, I claim it because I consider myself to be a genius. What about as an intro to meet the woman (or man) of your dreams? Huh? Huh? What do ya’ think?

Let me explain.

If you’re a dude, how do you meet girls?

You could use a pickup line of the kind a guy uses in a bar but those are often vague or unrealistic and any good looking girl is probably used to them and able to spot and see through them by now. For example, you go up to someone who you admire (physically) and with a perplexed look on your face you frantically search your pockets.

“Excuse me,” you say to the girl, “I seem to have lost my Olympic Gold Medal for skiing, have you seen it?”

She takes one look at you and says, “Get lost dweeb (means loser).”

Your attempt was too far-fetched. Women are not that stupid (many of them).

Instead, what do you do? Oh boy! You go up to her and ask, “Would you go out on a date with me?”

Boring, unimaginative.

You haven’t told her why you want to go out with her and why she should go out with you. For example, my father owns Allied Steel Co. and I’m rich and I drive a brand new Lamborghini (luxury Italian car). That would be a reason to go out with you.

But you haven’t told her that. No. You didn’t take the time.You didn’t give it any thought.

What’s even worse, what if because she doesn’t know you are rich and drive a Lamborghini she says “No” to your offer of a date? Then you’re crushed. You retreat like a whipped dog with its tail between its legs. You’ve suddenly become impotent (that means lacking a male organ) a boy, not a man. Your face turns beet red, you’re embarrassed, humiliated, and what’s even worse, you don’t even like her now, you’re angry, you might call her a name behind her back—–you’ve also become a coward, insulting women secretly because your feelings are hurt.

Look little boy if this is you why don’t you slink off to a corner and cry yourself to sleep. No, this isn’t you!

There’s no need for all of this.

Get smart! Get a smart phone.

Then buy yourself a MemoryTag greeting card. Download the memory app on the card and use your smart phone to record a video message onto the card. In the video you tell her you have been watching her from afar for two weeks (you must do this in a manner that doesn’t portray you as a stalker),you act innocent, shy and naïve (women sometimes love boyish qualities if you handle it right). You tell her you can’t help yourself….. you adore her.

But you have to sweeten it somehow. Add in some subtle aside that you are successful at something (don’t exaggerate too much or she won’t buy it). For example, “I’ve been working to start-up a new technology company that will hopefully revolutionize the pre-packaging industry (to make this not a lie get a book on the subject and read a few pages).

Come up with something funny on the video as a joke to make her laugh but it better be charming and funny and clean (you have to think this up yourself I’m not gonna do it for ya’).

She’s viewing your video message. She downloaded the app and is able to view your video message on the greeting card. But you’re not around when she views the card. You handed it to her and said “This is how I feel,”and left.

She’ll be curious. She’ll have to play your message.

If you get no response she said no, but see; you didn’t suffer embarrassment and humiliation. She didn’t tell you to your face. Your video message did the pitch for you.

Women, you can do the same in reverse, with a man you want to meet. Give him a video card.

MemoryTag interactive video and photo greeting cards are taking the man-woman relationship to a whole new dimension. To find out more go to https://memorytag.cards.