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April 22, 2009


It really tickles my man-casing(not literally) that 90% of comedy from the states on the tv has laugh tracks.
I've always wondered about the origins of these. Are there people paid who are professional laughers who are brought together and made to laugh in different styles. Is this actually a legitimate profession.
How much do they get? How many different types of laughter do you need to be able to exert?
Are these recycled laughs from old sitcoms of the 70's?
Did someone trawl bars 8tracking people on the down low and then mixing it all up?
Hmmm i wonder..
Secondly seriously are people that dense that they need to be told when to laugh?
Do you feel peer pressure to laugh just so you feel like part of the group?
What if like most US stuff it's not funny would i just be being polite if i offered a little chortle but didn't really mean it.?
Can i copywright my laugh and get paid royalties everytime it's used?
I'm so confused right now please excuse me while i rock back and forth in the corner and get emotional.