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January 29, 2014

Want to know what happens in the last season of Mad Men? Read on.

This originally ran at Carroll ünd Klinger.

Want a glimpse of what’s left in Mad Men? The descriptions for the last 16 episodes contain some juicy spoilers. Read at your own discretion!

Season 6
Episode 75: “A Tale of Two Cities” -- The agency works to keep a client; Joan is caught off-guard.
Episode 76: “Favors” -- More Don flashbacks; Ken publishes his first novel.
Episode 77: “The Quality of Mercy” -- Don takes the kids to see a ballgame; The Monkees visit the office.
Episode 78: “In Care Of” -- Sally attends junior prom; Bob Benson remains normal.

Season 7
Episode 79: “Castles Made of Sand” -- Don buys a new hat; Betty goes to Woodstock.
Episode 80: “Lonesome Farms” -- Peggy lands a new account; John Deere claims another limb.
Episode 81: “Aquarius” -- Peggy plagiarizes an old ad; Kinsey joins the Manson Family.
Episode 82: “You Only Live Once” -- Peggy loses an account; Don tries out for the Yankees.
Episode 83: “The Crock Pots of Mankind” -- The office runs out of booze; Roger runs for president.
Episode 84: “Monday, Monday” -- Bert gets stuck in an elevator; Don meets Lane's twin brother.
Episode 85: “Everybody Everywhere” -- Don shacks up with a young writer in the Village; Lena Dunham guest stars.
Episode 86: “Mad Women” -- Megan joins the cast of Bewitched; Dr. Rapist returns.
Episode 87: “Let It Be” -- The agency attends a funeral; Don has a wet dream.
Episode 88: “He Who Marches” -- Vietnam; Pete Campbell lands on the moon.
Episode 89: “The Carousel” -- Clip show; hosted by Mrs. Blankenship.
Episode 90: “Do Not Stop Believing” -- Don falls out a window; Sal never reappears.

This originally ran at Carroll ünd Klinger.