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March 15, 2009


... is currently searching through the pages of our members... looking for great vids, and blogs to feature on our page. 

... IF you want to save us time and effort... feel free to message/comment to us on your favorite vids by our continually growing group of artists... shameless self-promotion is accepted... although general spam is frowned upon...

...The categories of vids I'm looking into SO FAR are:

-Cool Ass S*** from the Experimenters
                    (This can be anything by one or more of our members that we think rocks.)

-Web-Series by the Experimenters

                    (This is obviously, kick ass web-series by our members...)

... and of course... any great ideas you folks have...

Be well, and keep creating my friends!


**As always... for those who are new to this group... THE EXPERIMENT is a group site actually created to be a real group of users, in order to facilitate creativity, and well EXPERIMENT... it is our idea that the group's evolution will be guided by its members, and not its moderators...**

(The_Experiment is moderated, for the convenience of its members, but Litho and LizzyQ.)