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April 28, 2009


Don't read this bit that is being typed by my fingers now or these words that i have just added to the first lot.
It would not be a good idea either to use your eyes to put these letters together into a sentence i have constructed as you have probably now got this far by absorbing the prose that preceded this part.
You have already gone to far by now continuing to be unable to avert your eyes to the 3 continous measures of text that rolled out of my brain down my arm and are now being rendered by your eyes onto my screen that you are now visually contemplating on your screen. Please stop don't continue it's not worth it you will be disappointed as this will pretty much end up saying nothing...you still looked at the last collection of alphabetical symbols and now you are digesting this one....I'm bored now bye, you wasted your time reading this especially this and this and also this and this and this.........