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September 17, 2011

Poverty in the 70's was hard to achieve after all people where pretty high alot of the time.

Today I will be talking about poverty.



Before I was Jeffrey belaphonte, the high flying producer director and money mogul I was what they call know a freegan.  Let me explain.


When I was a young man I was very poor indeed so I would spend my days at university with the vegans and vegetarians. They seemed to be in the same boat as me but after a while I realized they where just dumpster diving for food, this on its own did not worry me, what did worry me was that they only ate vegetables, so I upped the ante and started getting meats and fish and well anything I could get my hands on to have full meals or banquets if you will, I even found a full monkey in a dumpster outside some science building in the late 70’s.


But to cut a long boring story short I was asked to leave the group after giving 3 members food poisoning from bad shrimp.


So I guess if I had one piece of advice it would be. Don’t  be poor, if you have no money just think hookers seem to lead a perfectly happy life.


Thank you for listening.

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