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September 16, 2015

Also, Jake Gyllenhaal and Stephen Colbert kind-of kiss??

Last week on the Late Show, Amy Schumer brought in a clip of her drunkenly eating some cake that she found in Jake Gyllenhaal’s freezer when she was staying at his apartment while he was out of town. YEAH YOU HEARD RIGHT. IT’S A LITTLE COMPLICATED BUT IT’S WHAT HAPPENED.

Sorry, it’s just that this is a lot and can get stressful to explain! Anyways this week on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert provided Jake Gyllenhaal with a nearly identical piece (really a giant wedge) of cake to eat on the air, which he did, and then Stephen Colbert bit from the same spot on the cake, so it’s kind of like Jake and Stephen kissed? Again, weird to explain, it’s better if you just watch: