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October 18, 2010

A template for any sports movie whether it's for kids, teens or adults, comedy or drama. Everyone needs to put some random sports final ahead of every other aspect of life.

Act 1

New kid arrives- Athletic- Good at sports. Joins sports team.
Sports team are weak- disorganised and a real bunch of characters who are bad at sports.
The coach was once great but stopped being great due to an obstacle which he never overcame.
Principal hates the coach and team and wants to cut their funding.
New kid inspires the team and the coach to try harder, but they still lose.
All the kids want to quit but the coach tells them never to give up.
One of the kids mentions the obstacle the coach never overcame which causes him to become depressed and quit coaching.

Act 2

Some random bespectacled kid from the team is for no reason suddenly inspired to go to the coach and make him believe in himself again, just before the coach was about to agree to disband the team.
The lesson they learn is to play for fun rather than sports success.

They all pull together and train really hard but still don’t expect to win (montage).

The kids become self confident and generally better people through this time.


Act 3


They reach the sports game final despite losing multiple games near the start of the movie.

They play well until a member of the other (evil) team purposely injures the new kid (under the influence of their coach).

He gets sent off but the game continues.

The good team instantly give up hope again but the coach becomes unbelievably inspiring and overcomes the obstacle he could never overcome then gives a pep talk about self belief.

This all occurs during a lengthy time out session during which the evil team are surprisingly patient.

Everyone on the good team are so inspired that they make a dramatic comeback and win by one point.

The good team earn the respect of their principal and also the evil team who stop being evil.

The evil coach is arrested for the injury of the new kid.