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October 02, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, my Philadelphia Phillies won their first playoff game since 1993! Unfortunately I had my Women and American Politics class at this time so I could not watch it. So I decided to bring my laptop with me to class and watch it on that. The problem is my laptop is one of the first ever. It was a gift from my parents my freshman year of college. Freshman year was 8 years ago so this thing is probably the only one of it's kind left. It weighs about 20 pounds and is as thick as a medical dictionary.  I get to class, sitting in my normal spot about middle of the room. I then pull out my laptop and place it on top of my desk. Everyone around me is looking at this thing and giggling. My one friend tells me it looks like a plastic briefcase. I tell him his shirt looks like he stole it from a homeless indian. I don't care I just wanna watch the game. I pop it open and fire it up. This takes about 10 minutes. Once it is done I open the internet and go straight for the phillies website. At this time the laptop's fan is humming quietly. While I am watching the game the Professor keeps looking at me, suspicious at what I am doing since I never bring a laptop to class and by this time my comp's fan is causing the desk to vibrate. She starts to walk toward me. I am too smart so I have open a Word document with some notes from another class, hoping she won't look too close. "Why is it doing that?" she asks in reference to the vibrating desk and loud noise caused by my industrial strength fan. "It's really old so it overheats quickly." She looks at me for a second and then asks if I would turn it off since it is a distraction to the class. I tell her that it is the only way for me to take notes because I didn't bring a notebook. "You can borrow some paper from somebody else." I reply,  "I don't have aything to write with." She responds, "Someone will lend you a pen." I quip, "I prefer pecils." "Shawn! you can watch the philles game in thirty minutes when class is over." My friend starts laughing. When she turns around I knock his books off his desk.

At the end of class she told me that she was also a Phillies fan and wouldn't of minded if  I watched the game on my computer but had to have me turn it off when she had trouble speaking over the noise.

Thanks for nothing Mom and Dad.