This week’s links kick some ass in the USA.

  • The Always Sunny Gang’s 11 Best Attempts At Musical Greatness - Uproxx
  • A Serious Look Into How The Israeli Occupation Has Made It Impossible For Palestinians To Score Drugs - The Onion
  • 12 Works Of Art That Prove Manspreading Has Been A Problem Since The Beginning Of Time - Mashable
  • TBS Casts The Fox News Republican Debate Movie - Team Coco
  • @Seinfeld2000 Interviews Wayne Knight aka NEWMAN! - VICE
  • Why I’m Leaving ISIS For A Career In Improv Comedy - McSweeney’s
  • Email Exchange Between Ben Affleck and The Nanny Service He Used To Bone A Nanny - Above Average
  • Improv Coach Chris Gethard Rates The Republicans’ Debate Performances - Vanity Fair