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March 12, 2012

an advertisement for a butcher's shop


Do you live in Los Angeles? Do you love watching your butcher do his dirty deed? Are you searching for a professional purveyor of meat, pelt, and bone?


If you answered Yes to any of these questions, Will Cox's on Wilcox Ave in Hollywood is your ticket to fresh and tasty critter flesh. With a wide selection ranging from ibex to buffalo to lowly old steer, Will Cox's on Wilcox is bound to have the tender morsels you have yearned for all these years. Situated directly opposite the U.S. Post Office and mere feet from the historic Mark Twain hotel, our newest location is bound to bring pleasure to the meat lovers of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.


Will Cox's on Wilcox is more than just dripping flesh – we also carry all types of tanned animal hides, stuffed and mounted animal heads, and fully assembled, ready-to-ship animal skeletons. So come on down to Will Cox's on Wilcox, and sit in on a public butchering, buy that pelt you have always wanted, and stock up on freshly slain caribou. And remember: if you can't find it at Will Cox's on Wilcox, you won't find it fucking anywhere.


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