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December 11, 2016

Tay joseph In his First Episode From His Web Series For Youtube


Tay Joseph Teenage Viral Comedian

“This Kid Is Absolutely Hilarious With His Faces Kinda Reminds Me Of "Marlon Wayans”..

19 year old Tay Joseph from Harrisburg, has only lived in Lancaster for about 4 years and already is becoming a household name to the comedy world. He’s been a class clown for as long as he can remember and owes his success to a video he made his senior year in high school with a few friends called ‘Crack Head Joe’. The video, Tay said, was just the result of him goofing off with a few of his friends. He didn’t really think anything of it until he saw all the buzz it generated. “A LOT of people kept coming up to me about the video, even some of my teachers”.
Now he’s stepped it up a notch and can be found doing stand up comedy, event hosting, and even has a audition with Russell Simmons All Def Digital .

Both of the young comedians hope to make a serious career out of making people laugh. In 10 years Tay says he’ll be “ I see myself making people laugh on a TV show or something. I really want to have my own show like Martin or The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I did all my research on how to get it all started, I just need to get my buzz ALL the way up”.

Tay Has A Web series for Youtube that should be dropping soon

Follow Tay on social media @Tay2Tv