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October 24, 2008


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There are some important election issues. I'll try to address each topic very briefly.

CHANGE. Puppet and maverick are mutually exclusive terms. Both John McCain and Sarah Palin have opposed their own party leadership consistently prior to this campaign. The same cannot be said of Obama who has NEVER opposed his party leadership. Obama is a hack, not a leader. Therefore, the only change agents in this election are John McCain and Sarah Palin.

CHARISMA. Sarah Palin has far more appeal than Obama who seems arrogant and elitist. In other words, Obama is disdainfully prideful.

RACE. The accusation of racism is an issue contrived by Scam-ocrats intended to divert attention away from the shortcomings of their extremist candidate. In truth, racism in America is practiced primarily by blacks, not whites. Obama's religious mentors are racist against white people and Jews.

EXPERIENCE. Sarah Palin has far more leadership experience than Obama. Sarah Palin served as governor of Alaska while Obama served as a legislator exclusively. A governor makes important executive decisions every day; a legislator makes NO executive decisions at any time. Executives act decisively. Legislators talk, talk, talk, and talk. Executives take responsibility for policy results. Legislators are held responsible for nothing.

VOTER FRAUD. Every vote should count. However, ACORN disagrees. ACORN believes that Scam-ocrat votes should count more than Republican votes. Obama, a lawyer and trainer for ACORN, cannot win a fair and legal election. Obama must engage in blatent VOTER FRAUD to win a presidential election.

FREE SPEECH. Liberals are entitled to their opinions. However, their opinions are not based on facts. Liberals are either misinformed or uninformed about presidential issues. I attribute their misdirection to the peer pressure to which they have been subjected.  Liberals are not exercising their FREE WILL. They are a product of the SPIN machine. In other words, Liberals do not REALIZE that they have been COERCED by their puppetmasters. If they were to express a conservative opinion, then they would suffer consequences. Therefore, Liberals are frightened CONFORMISTS living lives of quiet desperation. Liberals are not courageous mavericks.

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