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August 10, 2010

Those Were Different Times Contest #76

Those Were Different Times Contest #76
OK so it's been a while and I'm looking to come back strong, without further ado and such or whatnot I give you Mr T's album "MR T's commandments".

for further inspiration, or just something cool to watch to get your mojo up look at
11. I love it when a chain comes together

10. Thou shalt not make any groovin images

9. Wipe their fingerprints off your bling.

8. I command you to get me off this plane,crazy fool

7. If you are over 10 get behind the fence.

6. Thou shalt be in a kid's production of West Side Story.

5. Thou shalt mis match your sox so the boys at the Rest Area know your there to play.

4. Gold chains and mohawks are much cooler than fishes and crosses. I'm converting to T

3.875. Drink your school & stay in milk!
3.75. Broken glass might be real shiny, but it don't taste good!
3.5. Don't roller skate when you's had some liquor!
3.25. Shut up now, kids, T's got ta go meet Don Johnson to make some hit records!
3. Poke the cheese at the supermarket to make sure it's got vitamins!

I. Thou shalt pity fools.
II. Thou shalt stay in school, and don’t do no drugs.
III. Don’t do no cussin'.
IV. Go to church, fool.
V. Be nice to yo' mama. (An' yo' daddy, too, if he ain' lef'.)
VI. Don’t join no gang and don’t keell nobody.
VII. Leave them girls alone, 'specially if they somebody else's. .
VIII. Don’t steal no jew'ry.
IX. Don’t be lyin' 'bout stealin' no jew'ry.
X. Don’t even THINK about stealin' MY jew'ry.

1.5. One time I had sex with Rue McClanahan...she, infact, was not actually a girl made out of gold.
1. The gold chains is fo lookin coo, foo!...and for asphyxiating myself while thinking about white women