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February 16, 2017

An incredible more by The Transport Department.


In a bid to allow people to improve passive aggressive tendencies, the Road Authority have decided to hand out small mirrors to avoid “Rubber-necking”. This move is being thought to improve road safety while maintaining the sanctity of “teaching idiots to move their mid-life crisis on wheels”.

“It’s a great idea” said a spokesperson from the transport department when asked about the proposal, “finally my wife can stare at a single mother of four struggling in an SUV going under the speed limit and not worry about a crick in her neck.”

The Idea

The basic idea is that the mirror will have an extendable metallic poll with a mirror on the end that a person can then place out the window and stare for as long as “the user deems acceptable” to ensure that the person being observed learns how to drive right.

According to reports, over 300% of people improve immediately and forever when a strange middle aged woman riding shotgun in a Lexus stares at you for indicating slightly late.