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Written and created by Kenenth.
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Published: June 26, 2012
Description: The third issue of Diaries of a Fatass by CRUMBS Written and Created by Kenneth. If you missed the first or second issue check it out on randomfunniness.tumblr.com

Dear diary,

okhay, today i went to Basken Robins and it was shooooo tashty. The bitch that worked there was checking me out and i said "no!".She was on my diiiick.  And then on my way to get my fourths. I fell in front of my old bitch, Shaniqua. I dont like it when people make fun of me though. Like this one guy was like "hey!", and i said "no!". And then i slapped his face. And then he kicked my ass. I love eating tomatoe soup in the bathtub.