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June 15, 2012

After getting his head damn near knocked off in a barroom brawl with Drake, Chris Brown has vowed he'll stick to punching women.

After getting his head damn near knocked off in a barroom brawl with Drake over Rihanna, Chris Brown has vowed from now on he'd stick to punching women.

"Maybe now the world will understand why I fight bitches," a woozy but still wildly annoying Brown told the doctor patching his face back together. "They don't do this shit!"

TMZ reports that Drake, another famous Rihanna Rider who also may or may not be a rap star, was the attacker. But a Drake bodyguard disputes this, saying, "Nobody gets through Chris Brown's security 'cause everybody wants to take a swing at that asshole."

There was even more confusion as witnesses first thought Brown had punched another woman. "We heard a high pitched scream from his roped off area," said one witness, "but when we looked over all we saw was Chris Brown on the ground crying."

Later that night Brown tweeted a photo of his injury along with the message... "I'm gona find who done dis and his girlfriend gon get smackd like a bitch. #pimphand!"

As of this posting, there are still few leads as to exactly who opened up Brown's face, but Kharma was seen fleeing the scene just as police arrived.