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Published November 16, 2011
Alright guys, it’s time for a podcast roundup! I really need you guys to be calm, collected, and relaxed before we get too far into this. Maybe if we all do a guided meditation we’ll be in a better place to proceed. Bob Ducca, can you take it from here?

Phew, I feel much better now! So, have you guys seen Punisher: War Zone? It’s one of the coolest, craziest comic book movies of the past ten years. We had director Lexi Alexander as a guest on How Did This Get Made? Also joining us was Patton Oswalt, a vocal supporter of Punisher: War Zone and a good friend of Lexi. She explained in detail how hard it was to make this movie: Poor marketing, studio politics, and some shockingly terrible timing.

Hear the full episode here.
There is something intrinsically delightful about professional comedians making prank calls. If I were being all pretentious and critic-y I’d say that it is the comedic dissonance of a skilled craftsman participating in an art that requires no technical prowess. But I’m not going to say that. I’m going to say that it’s funny.

A few months back, Comedy Bang Bang got a visit from The Lonely Island’s Andy Samberg who talked to us about Turtleneck & Chain and Saturday Night Live. It was unfortunately interrupted by Scott Aukerman’s weed dealer “Bro” (Adam Pally) who left everyone inexplicably hungry. We offered by buy Andy’s lunch as long as he did the ordering himself. Let’s see how that went:

Hear the full episode here.

Today’s clips come from Affirmation Nation Episode 49, How Did This Get Made? Episode 20 and Comedy Bang Bang Episode 109. You can stream or download the complete episodes from free at