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April 06, 2014

You could feel overwhelmed by the many good parenting techniques around nowadays, but applying this stuff what being a good parent is all about.

While there's a lot of good parenting techniques that one can learn, the most crucial thing is to start executing them. You might be overloaded with many philosophies and concepts, but being a good parent is just about actually utilizing those things, and that's what I wish to consider now.

Good parenting takes more than just techniques and theories, so here are three practical things you can start doing now that will improve the way you parent your son or daughter.

1. Know Where they might be

As a parent, it's very important know where your kids are and what they're doing. You also need to find out who they may be with! I am not suggesting that you stalk them or invade their privacy, but responsible parenting is not letting your kids run crazy doing whatever they want with whomever they desire.

2. Screen Their Screens!

Today, good parenting involves you keeping tabs on the screen activity, both on computers, the web, video games and DVDs. Ensure that what they are watching or playing fits with your philosophy of life, and when it comes to the time they spend in front of screens a good approach is to limit them to 2 hours a day.

3. Spend Time with Your children

Nothing says "I love you" more than spending time with your kids. Regardless if you are single or married, there is no replacement for being with your kids. So if you want to parent well, put time aside to spend with them on the terms not yours. Making them come with you to grandma's house is not what is required. Taking them to their favourite restaurant or out to see a cool movie builds your rapport and permits them to understand they are precious and special to you.

Good parenting is not something you learn and put aside, but a thing that you begin to apply in your relationship with the children. We have a host of additional ideas to share with you, so visit our website where you will find amazing ideas and loads of free good parenting techniques you can begin applying today.

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