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September 01, 2009


TDM: A Rock Candy Mallet to Your Funny Bone

Climate crisis. Economic collapse. Nuclear proliferation. The Jonas Brothers. Here at The Daily Minute, we took an unflinching look at human civilization and decided something had to be done. So we meditated on the issues and came to this conclusion: the only chance left for humanity lies in the successful marriage of two things: comedy and the Web.

Thus Cailin, Hal, Brian, Summer, Mom and Dad came screaming into the world in a torrent of inspiration. Six characters representing the three generations in whose hands the fate of civilization has been placed, all scrambling around on the deck of a sinking Titanic. Or, in this case, the office of a struggling startup.

The Daily Minute takes you inside the perverse minds of these individuals, offering a skewed view of what happens when you take a life and smash it to pieces with amazing upgrades, reduced rates and the immanent threat of global catastrophe.

Now these characters are just the tip of the TDM iceberg, because although comedy might save the world, it won't be able to do so without the participation of the millions of minds trawling the Web. So the TDM Mashback Challenge was spanked into place alongside the show to make TDM a raging vortex of videos, apps and animations all centered on the question: What the Fuck Is Going On and How Do We Change It?

There's no doubt the ship's going down, but we have a ton more options available to us than those poor bastards on the Titanic. The Daily Minute is yours to embrace, reject, rejoice in, bathe with, or, we hope, rock. Enjoy responsively.