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January 05, 2017

There are body parts that like unnecessary extras on a new car you don't really need.

When you look at the human body you have to wonder, why did he (if God is a he and you believe in him and are not atheistic), why did he shape my ear the way it is? I mean, why do I need an ear? Don’t say to hear with. God could just as easily have made a hole in the side of your head for hearing.

Instead, he gave you a silly-looking flap of skin shaped like a pear with a little bone in it. Why? Why the little extra decorative flourish? It’s kind of like when a car maker attaches a decorative logo (metal plate) on the hood of the car you buy. Is it good for anything other than to look nice?

When God made you your body he gave you accessories, that if you were a car for sale would up your price, but many of which you can do without; that don’t fulfill a particular use.

Take tonsils for instance. Why do you need fuc’in tonsils?

Okay it says in Wikipedia they serve to intercept germs coming into your mouth. But then they get inflamed and have to be removed by a doctor and you go on living just as good without them right? If they’re so important, why did you need them in the first place if you can do just as well without them?

They look a little like a guy’s balls, you know, the scrotum,the testicles, or mountain oysters, whatever you want to call them (see my film clip on this website “Why Testicles?”). The answer is obvious. God, at first,decided to put your reproductive balls that really serve no purpose because it’s the cock that does all the work, in the back of your mouth. All the balls do is hang there and swing back and forth.

God couldn’t decide how reproduction between men and women would work so at first he put these reproductive balls in the mouth of both men and women and obviously intended that reproduction would be achieved individually. Every person would impregnate and give birth by themselves,through the mouth, so he (God) first installed the balls in both men and women—-in the mouth.

Then he (God) had second thoughts. Not so good he thought.Kind of boring. I need to spice things up a little bit. I’ll make men and women separate. I’ll have the men do the reproduction using this joy stick (cock) I’m going to create, and I’ll have him stick it in the woman, whom I’ll give a hole.I’ll make it fun and pleasurable so he (the man) will be sure to do it (sex).

God got so enthusiastic about his new creation the magic wand (cock), that he forgot and left the balls in your mouth and in women too. Some moron renamed them tonsils. And like the interior reading light on the dashboard of your car that you’ve never used, these tonsils just sit there supposedly catching germs until they go bad and you have to go to the doctor and have them cut out. There is one good thing about them. At least some doctors give you ice cream afterwards.

Tonsils are not like your asshole, which has a function you really need.

Next time we’ll talk about gall bladders.