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August 06, 2012

New NASA Rover Landed on MARS this morning and guess what the amazing first picture revealed?? More Rocks, Duh!


 NASA's newest Mars rover just landed on the alien planet early this morning, and guess what the first picture showed when the air bags deflated, a bunch of rocks!

Seriously, what were you or NASA expecting for that matter? The new rover, Curiosity is expected to search and find evidence of ancient life on Mars? I thought that was what Spirit and Opportunity had been doing for the past 10 years? Yes, maybe  there  might have been advanced life on Mars billion of years ago, maybe, but there is almost 10 years of video and photo evidence now that almost proves that Mars is a barren planet today.

The President just issued a statement that appeared on NASA's site, and basically he is saying what W said about 10 year ago when Spirit and Opportunity landed, "USA, USA, vote for me!"

Lets say that Curiosity finds a a human skeleton on Mars, would that make you want to go over there? If you are thinking yes, really?  The fact that it is dead and the land is a desert tells me enough. I tuned in and watched all the NASA scientists jumping up and down like we just landed on the moon and I am not trying to belittle this momentous occasion, but seriously what were you expecting anything but a rocks from Curiosity's first picture.

Its not like they saw a Starbucks on Waikiki beach, not even an ancient mom and pop's VHS Shows 2 Go Rental shop which has gone extinct kind of like any advanced life on Mars and if Curiosity finds even microbial life all the scientists will bust one simultaneous load all over mission control, giving them another excuse to spend billions of dollars to go back again, and again, and  say you know what we didn't check under that one rock and go again, but maybe that one rock is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe, I don't know.

It is cool though that humans are controlling a robot on Mars, again, so when are humans going? NASA cannot wait to send some monkeys to mars, who is going to sign up, Arnold are you having another Total Recall? I know you want to go see that ooze packing,  midget  prostitute princess again, she'll have your eyes popping out just like in the good old days. I don't know about y'all but I would have popped that red pill and stayed banging a young Sharon Stone on good ole Earth. Mars is for the birds, if birds could survive on Mars, which they cannot.

Don't get me wrong I think it is fucking tight that Curiosity is on Mars, but after another decade on Mars and we don't find John Carter or even a skeleton of some ancient alien fish, (Oh old Giorgio's  Tshcoocoo's head would explode if that happened, that dude on ancient aliens with that mad scientist hair, that dude is nuts or a genius, but I'm betting nuts) then is it really worth spending billions of dollars and risking lives to send humans to mars?

Honestly, we shouldn't worry about the risking lives part, because there are so many insanely crazy people on this Earth who would gladly sign up to go to Mars, hell 3/4 of them are in the military right now just waiting to either shoot themselves, or blow somebody up or go to Mars, which ever one comes first.  Instead of the apparent desire for humans to infest another planet, we need to fight that urge and focus on Mother Earth because it is the only miracle life creating blue berry that is around for at least a light year and even if astrologers found another Earth type Planet which they won't, but if they did, how are we going to get there, OK a wormhole, with a  flux capacitor Caravan, I still would not want to go. I'm just that dude,  who people are like the storms coming we  got to go, I'm good y'all go ahead and then watch them end up on the news. Hell, we all have to die sometime, somewhere, why not Mars?

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