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June 22, 2017

Seems like a lot of work for not much

Karate masters spend decades in school learning and perfecting their craft for self preservation and love. Doctors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and work 20 hours a day to help save lives. Police officers risk their lives every day for the greater good. Mark Tweedy has spent the last decade of his life trying to nail down the very specific and adorable laugh of comedian Seth Rogen.

People are understandably confused by Mr. Tweedy’s obsession but Tweedy insists it is no different than a doctor or a lawyer, “Look, its what I love to do. Yes I’ve had 8 throat surgeries. Yes I’ve had my vocal box removed and tinkered with. But it’s no different than a doctor working 20 hours a day and not being able to see his or her family for weeks on end. It’s about dedication.” That is true in a sense, but it does seem like a strange thing to spend so much time trying to do.

In his defense, there is currently a temporary exhibit at Madame Tussaud’s where you can listen to an audio of Rogen’s laugh and an audio of Tweedy’s imitation. No one has gotten it wrong yet.

Mr. Tweedy was lucky enough to meet with Rogen last week after the Knocked Up star found outabout Mr. Tweedy through a social media campaign. Mr. Tweedy showcased several different versions of Rogen’s laugh for the comedian and assorted others. “It was OK. He was a little shrill on the 2nd and 3rd takes but I think he was getting somewhat closer by the 4th,” said Jonah Hill in an e-mail this morning.

It’s a sad and disappointing thing that after so much time Tweedy has not even perfected the laugh. It makes one wonder why he started doing this in the first place.

Mr. Tweedy said he hopes to open schools in underprivileged areas of Los Angeles in the next year where kids can learn to laugh like Mr. Rogen.

“Yeah that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Mr. Rogen wrote in a text message.

No telling whether Mr. Tweedy’s work is in vain or if he will actually become the first licensed Seth Rogen Laugh imitator.