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May 30, 2016

My first apartment that I move into in Las Vegas wasn’t exactly the Taj Mahal. People were writing on the sidewalks to their loved one's.And they weren’t writing messages to their love one's that have passed on. I am refereeing to the love one's that were in the jail above them. They were writing messages to their family that was above them in the jail. This area I lived in was more like a down scale version of Tijuana, Mexico. These were all the good points When, I entered into my first apartment. It had the atmosphere of a murder investigation, Great Energy! There was a body bag lying in the middle of the living room rug. It had that special decor it kind of brighten up my apartment like Christmas day does for children. When, you walked into the living room that was the apartment. The closest thing to an oven was a fire pit, dug out of the carpet. It still had fresh dirt around it! It added a touch of being outside with still being on the inside. In addition, the police had drawn a figure of where the body was laying. I thought that was my bed !