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May 02, 2011

The goings-on at Widget World

 Dear Widget World Manager:

I have worked here at WIDGET WORLD for over 25 years. In that time, I have done my work to the best of my ability time and time again. However after 25 years of working, I must now ask you a question which has plagued me since I started working here.

It was actually kind of humorous when I started out and people referred to "widgets" but I have NEVER seen a widget since I've started working here! Just the other day, we received a big order of 400 crates of WIDGETS and I ran to the loading dock because I thought I MIGHT FINALLY get to see what a widget is! I opened the huge crate and there was NOTHING inside any of the crates!

So I ask once again.....what precisely IS a widget?

thanks very much,
your dedicated employee


You guys have screwed up this time! An employee has found out that widgets are NOT REAL! Do you realize what this will do to the WIDGET stock price if the DOW JONES gets this information?!?! Every time widgets are mentioned in textbooks, people will laugh and ridicule because of this mess! Do what you need to do to FIX..THIS..NOW!
Widget World Mgmt

Dear Widget World Mgmt:
My name is Mr. A. Lincoln and I'm an attorney at law. Recently it has come to our attention that you are defrauding millions of people by saying that you make "WIDGETS" which we know is a term that is made up purely for demonstration purposes and holds no real value whatsoever. As you have perpetrated this fraud on such a MASSIVE scale, we have started a class action lawsuit against WIDGET WORLD to re-coup the losses that customers have sustained over the years by purchasing boxes of these "imaginary" widgets from your company and getting nothing in return.
Signed, A. Lincoln ATTORNEY-AT-LAW

Dear Product Development Division/WIDGET WORLD:
it's time to earn your pay! We are getting SUED left and right because apparently it's a crime to sell "imaginary widgets" to people and collect payment for it. To fix this, we need a mock-up QUICKLY of what a widget would look like so we can start putting together some prototypes IMMEDIATELY!
Widget World Mgmt

Dear Widget World Mgmt,
you fired everybody in Product Development Division..remember? You said that we wouldn't need Product Development people for "imaginary widgets"? There's just you and me left at the company and I'm leaving for the night.
 FRED the Janitor