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February 22, 2010


So...since I just can't stand having friends...I guess I'm making all of my dreams come true. LOL The word "spaz" comes to mind, although I think I did more good than harm because of the two possible outcomes. First outcome is, they NEVER get back together because of what I said and it will save them heartbreak later, because if I can be frank, the two of them were a trainwreck to being with. OR Second outcome is, they get back together because they both hate me and that unites them with a bond that lasts the next 80 years. It's win/win really. Why do I speak? At all? Ever? One of my favorite people in the world has broken up with their girlfriend, who is also a "friend" of mine...or was until I threw her under the bus this morning. And, he's already in pain about it, so I decided to throw what I knew into the mix and, yah, I thought he might have had the same "inklings" as me...appparantly not. And, now he's REALLY pissed off. A little back story...I used to hate her. He was my work spouse, and she came in and was kind of clonish, and when they started going out I was irked. then, I got to know her better and I realized that immitation is the highest source of flattery (you can never go wrong with flattering me, BTW, I am a LEO for Christs sake), and they seemed "happy" together. We go out every once and a while. So, I worked with her three weeks ago (he's left the company and she only works weekends which I never do except as a favor, so I worked the Sunday), and my eyebrow got raised a couple of times because she kept mentioning some "hot" guy from Brazil who is a friend of her brothers and...not that she'd EVER cheat on my friend...she felt that this Brazil guy was pretty into her...again, REPEAT, not that she'd EVER cheat on my friend. Fast forward a week, their FB status changes to "it's complicated" and as of Weds they are both listed as "single". So, I finally get to talk to him this morning and he says that she told him the week before Valentines that she wanted a "break" and some "space", and I asked "Space? Like "Brazil" kind of space?" And he laughs so i think that he knows what I'm talking about. Not so much. He starts grilling me about what was said, how it came up, how many times did she say it...etc. He's not happy with me. I'm not happy with me. She's going to KILL ME!! Seriously! She's a psychopath, so I am so DEAD!! I have to watch my back because I am going to get KNIFED!!! (I told you she imitates me, and that's what I'd fucking do to someone if they threw me under the bus! So, it's not hard to anticipate) Question : What the Hell was I doing? WHY did I have to SAY ANYTHING??? If there is a FOD poll for gaffe of the week, feel free to nominate.