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January 12, 2017

Kellyanne Conway shows us what's inside her purse!

Kellyanne Conway made history as the first woman to ever run a successful Presidential Campaign. So, of course, we had to ask her: what’s in your bag?!

  • Red Eye Drops / $6.99 / Drug Stores - “These are ESSENTIAL for keeping my eyes from turning into bloodshot windows into my increasingly addled soul!”
  • Xanax / $63.07 with insurance / Drug Stores - “I’ve upped my dosage, which has done WONDERS for my day-to-day functionality.“
  • Phi Beta Kappa Key - “This is a reminder that at one point, my whole life was ahead of me!”
  • Big Piece of Ham / Price Varies / Grocery Stores - “I always have a big piece of ham in my purse in case the President-elect gets a little grumpy. It’s amazing how quickly it calms him down!”
  • St. John Punchcard - “St. John has an amazing loyalty program. Once I buy three matching knit skirt suits, the fourth is free! I think next time I’m going to get one in bone white.”
  • Annotated Copy of The Art of the Deal - “Every day is a never ending struggle to try and understanding the mind of my boss! This is absolutely ESSENTIAL to figuring him out.”
  • Mace / 9.99 / Sporting Good Stores - “Just in case!”
  • A Piece of Paper with Her Children’s Name’s On It - “This is GREAT for reminding me of the names of my four beautiful children at the end of a long week!”
  • Big Dangly Gemstones / 129.99 / Jewelry Stores - “For those last minute T.V. appearances–they keep my head weighed down…otherwise it floats right off my body!”
  • Hair Extensions / Beauty Supply Stores / $29.99 each - “I buy these in BULK and they are a lifesaver—no more pulling out my own hair!”
  • Picture of Herself with “You Go Girl!” Written On It - “Everyone needs a lil mantra. This is mine, and this is me!”
  • Smoky Eye Palette / $20.99 / Beauty Stores -“I’m a Jersey girl after all!!!”
  • Swiss Passport - “Just in case!”