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February 05, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #10

Introducing The Faith Tones and their LP "JESUS USE ME"
#1-4 were really hard to judge, so I went with the captions that were funniest
 after a few re reads.

14. part of the "Pious CoifCore" movement. That movement sucked.
-trident (if this is a stab at my dear precious Cub, I shall see you on the field of honor, sir! Pistols at Dawn!)
13. They should move to Pennsylvania--we don't have helmet laws.
12. Girl on the left is clearly a conehead spy
11. At least they're in stereo.
10. Faith Tone 1: OH GOD, OH GOD OH GOD YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!
Jesus: Do you have to call out my Dads name during sex?
9. These "ladies" had two choices in life. Give yourself totally over to religion and forget relations with the opposite sex or walk around Mardi Gras with a "FREE BLOW JOBS" sign.
8. Includes the hit single "Tithe me up, Tithe me down".
7. ... to show drag-queens the Error Of Their Ways.
6. Use Me Like A Pasty, Doughy, Bobbleheaded Whore of Babylon" killed live. You wouldn't expect the Faith Tones to wear go-go boots & use pyrotechnics, but they went electric in '67, & never looked back.
5. For sale: One uglystick used "Faithfully".

4. WWJD"....well, I think it's safe to say 'not them'.

3. Well, I see where Rick Moranis gets his good looks.

2. Their follow up album, "Get on your knees for Jesus" was a huge success.

1. Featuring the hit "Our milkshake brings the Lord to the yard".
-MadAdam (just remember, lightning never strikes twice ... IF you repent)