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April 11, 2013

Even the most innocent fall victim to sex tapes scandals.


Country music sweetheart, Taylor Swift, is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a leaked sex tape. And it is miraculous.

“I was single at the time,” Taylor told the media. “And I needed some kind of  relationship or else my writer’s block would never go away.” This explains why Swift can be seen humming and writing lyrics during most of the leaked tape.

According to her publicist, Swift makes sex tapes in preparation for all her heartbreak-related albums. This is just the first to be leaked online.

In a twist ending, Swift cries out, “We’re through! I never want to see you again! You broke my heart!” She then locks herself in the bathroom and cries until the bewildered male eventually dresses and leaves.

Turns out, Swift always ends her sexual encounters that way, purely to feed her starving creativity. “I find so much inspiration when breaking up with someone.”