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July 25, 2012

'Batman & Robin' director Joel Schumacher is furious with Christopher Nolan for "ruining the Batman franchise".

Batman & Robin director Joel Schumacher is reportedly furious with Christopher Nolan, saying the Dark Knight Rises auteur "ruined Batman."

One of Schumacher's chief complaints centers on the film’s setting and composition. "I don’t even recognize the Gotham I knew," Schumacher said. “Everything is gray and black, even the villains. Everyone knows bad guys wear neon green and purple!”

"Ideally,” he added, "a Batman film should look like a gay porno made with Lite Brites."

Schumacher also said he had a hard time determining who the villains were. "The audience needs you to use puns to remind them who the bad guy is. Would it have killed [Nolan] to add a ‘This guy’s a Bane in the neck' or 'He's not Ra's Al-Ghuling around?'"

Schumacher was able to at least glimpse a silver lining, saying, "There’s one thing I took from my Batmans that I'll never give back...and that’s Tommy Lee Jones’s dignity."