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August 18, 2010

We're persistent celebrity assistants from polar opposite sides of the country who won't take "no" for an answer. Have you ever had to get somebody on a flight that doesn't even exist? Be a mind reader at all times? And only respond on a daily basis with "yes", "of course" or "absolutely"? Not even couples on the brink of their 50th wedding anniversary can say they've done this!
That takes tenacity, brains, and beauty (and no- we're not referring to our fake and bake tans) just all the attributes that will get us to the finish line of life.
We are not only co-workers but have become really close friends, confidants, and a support system. We share many laughs on a regular basis with our escapades, whether it’s hailing a cab in NYC – laying on our “private" (OK, almost private) beach in Malibu-having dance parties to de-stress ourselves-or applying self tanner to each other’s behinds so that we look good when we go out together- we’re always having fun!
Put this blonde and brunette team together and watch us work, play, and travel the world making friends and worthy competitors in every country.
As we say in Hollywood... "Let's do lunch".