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July 02, 2008


What things are we doing to compromise the integrity of our good names?

--*Putting the company logo on whoopie cushions

--*Putting your picture on an ad by Medifast

--*Making sure that whenever people think of your heavy-metal band Krokus, they are also thinking of pre-stressed concrete moldings

--*Making it Scientology approved

--*Giving it the Roman Polanski seal

--*Making sure that the Pepsi product was placed in a very visible place in the film during this heated scene of intense emotion and sexual ultra-violence

--*Having a drink named after you

--*Having a board game named after you

--*Having all your children and a line of cheap chicken grilling devices sold at Wal-Mart named after you

--*Creating many different religious denominations named for your savior, all of whose dogmas are totally at odds with each other

--*If you are Lance Armstrong, just about everything you're doing

--*Writing "U.S. dollar" on it. Especially if it is a U.S. dollar.

From Eric Rasmussen's blog: