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June 10, 2015

In an interview Giphy's COO said his favorite give was Girls at a Skrillex concert.

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Giphy COO Adam Leibsohn said that the greatest GIF of all time is Girls At A Skrillex Concert.

“Every time I watch it, [I see] something new and ridiculous and entertaining. It is quite possibly the best GIF, I believe, ever made,” Leibsohn said, quietly lying to himself.

Is it a great GIF? FOR SURE. Is comedy subjective? YES, OF COURSE. But come on, the greatest of all-time? No way, not gon’ be able to do it. There’s just too many great GIFs to make that call.

“Well, what’s a better GIF then?” you’re probably asking.

Great question! But how about instead of one answer, we give you seven of them, because any more or any less would have involved a modicum of actual work/research. And again, not gon’ be able to do it.

After scoping out some of our hot selects, let us know your favorite GIF in the comments below or by doing what we did and creating your very own Will Ferrell-affiliated comedy website.

GIFs via HERE and HERE