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September 07, 2012

Obama's attack on real marriage by supporting gay marriage is just a way for him to attack real marriage. As described by conservative poliblogger Jeffrey Frey


An internet meme* will soon be taking the internet by stormeme as soon I finish writing about it. It seems that with all the heated bile hurtled at Mitt Romney by hardly mentioning his name at all, what was lost on the American public was an insidious step taken by the people who were merely following orders at the DNC to give  by making this Collectivistic Islamocialist, if re-elected which he really can't be if there is a God and if that God loves the US most and he does, full access into the bedrooms of America.

It seems that the outrage on the right about their omission of God and Jerusalem from the Democratic platform was actually what Obama had wanted to happen all along. For its seems, that while the Right was coming to the defense of God and country, that country being Israel, they had no time to look at the rest of the platform in which Obama has placed this thinly worded play for the very essence of modern society as designed by God 6000 years ago, give or take a day.

We support the full repeal of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act.

See it. It is so clear now, hidden away in the party plank entitled 'Freedom to Marry", the call for repeal of the one thing keeping Obama from ruining each and every marriage in America. For without DOMA, I ask rhetorically since the answer will be Nothing,  what will keep Obama from reinstating First Night privileges which had been regulated to the dustbin of history since Taft.

First Night, for those who have not watched or read any Harlequin fiction, is when a diabolical monarch (Check) uses his absolute power (check, thanks Czars for nyething) to claim "first night" privileges with the brides of his land. So these poor brides, expecting the men that they love most to gently bring them into womanhood will instead be forced to give their maidenheads (again, see Harlequin for definition) to this tyrant who loves not them but the power he has to treat them as chattel. And worst yet, it seems that unlike legitimate rape, women don't have any biological defense system to stop any pregnancy from First Night encounters unless of course the woman is a virgin (women can't get pregnant first time they have intercourse) or forsakes the use of doorknobs and toilet seats for the next 7 days.

It's so obvious now that I have thought it up. That's right, Obama's attack on real marriage by supporting gay marriage is just a way for him to attack real marriage.  Plus, this means that people who want DOMA aren't really against gay marriage but against Obama destroying marriage. And that gay marriage really is destroying real marriage. The way I see it, it's a win-win for pro-real marriage supporters.

You're welcome. (Except Obama to my wife. You can take my wife when you pry her cold, deflated body from my tear-soaked fingers. And inflate her yourself, tyrant!

*meme, for my less informed readers, is a neologism created to describe something that becomes popular on the system of tubes known as the Interweb network. It most likely is a shortened form of 'Look at me. Look at me. MeMeMeMe. . ."