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Published February 13, 2014

The Matchmaker Game ( The new comedy is straight up totally making fun of people that are matchmakers for a living. An am talking hardcore style of cracking on them in a Rated t.v MA. Anywho ! Sally Hart ( Sarah Chalke ) she is 38 year old, she is single, never married, with no kids, and has lived in Seattle her whole life. An she has been match making for 10 years now so she is a real pro. An her sidekicks are Max Franklin (Dan Fogler ) his 38 years old and his a burnout indie rocker and yes ladies his single ! An her other assistant is Kimmy West (  Teri Polo ) she is 44 year old she is a drunkass with no kids and has be married more times than you can count but she is single as of now so have it at guys. Anyways these 3 goofballs team up to make The Seattle Machmakers. An together they f*ck it all up ! An in this show there is mad sex and all kinds of very bad blind dates and what not kind of comedy gold sh*t in this all new t.v show that is edge  a hell a real comedy for once full of funny goodness for adults only because sex is sex if you what am sayin ! Balls to the f*cking wall baby ! Now that's' f*cking T.V ! )