The Video Guys  ( Super sexy Supermodel , Mandy Lee , is Jacob Paul's psycho ! On and off again girlfriend , who breaks up with him on the regularly but then decides for one last sexual encounter so their relationship is in flux. Any who He meets Jessica Hartmann (  they meet at the gym after already meeting by way of online gaming, she is new in town and she is working as a bartender for now !  ) , who seems perfect for him , but he puts off actually dating her for fear of Mandy's reaction. Other than all that ! His two best friends, Phil Johnson and Sam Maxwell , are constantly trying to create the next Internet happening and these attempts to film Backyard Wrestling or whatever is the other element of each episode's plot because these 3 BFF room-mates best be paying their bills on time , or their cougar lady and yes guys she is single ! Their land-lord Miss. Kimmie Wyld , WOO ! WOO ! WOO !  She is going to give these boyz the BiG OLD boot ! Yep kicking their sorry asses out on the street for good son ! So a man check it out , if they don't play up on time every time for now your on your own boyz ! ( An fyi Jessica Hartmann starts helping the boys out with their viral videos because she can't stand working at a bar and needs to blow of stream big time with the boyz ! But really we all know she here only for Jacob Paul here dream man };- )  Rated TV MA as a mother f*cker ! A full on half hour web show on Funny or Die that is a rom-com for THE MEN ! you dig it FOD your very own web series that is like a real T.V. series you all. Because am telling you FOD this is pure gold big dogs for f in sure yo !  )   

The Video Guys Cast Members : 
Justin Bartha As Jacob Paul 
Lecy Goranson As Jessica Hartmann
 Taylor Cole As Mandy Lee 
 Patrick Renna As Phil Johnson
Chauncay Leopardi As Sam Maxwell 
Susanna Thompson As Kimmie Wyld 
Writing staff : 
Funny or Die writers staff ( whoever you want that is on staff already ) 

 " A all new Funny or Die Web Series Executives , 12 episodes a season only of FOD and the FOD youtube page. "