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March 10, 2010


so i was just recently diagnosed with type two diabetes. ( pause for sighs and ah's )now its totally my fault, i was warned by my doctor for a long time about my weight. i mean i tried and tried and still try but its just not coming off. now its not like they would except me as a contestant on the biggest loser. i am not that large. i would say i 'm more of a Lou Costello type. of course i would prefer to have his genius instead of his body type, but you can't win them all. the dilemma i face is this, i' m supposed to limit carbs, sugar, blah, blah, blah, now when i'm faced with, should i have that gourmet grape soda with my pizza or some unknowing well intentioned person sticks a cupcake in my face, all i can think of, is this worth one of my toes. i know what your thinking, this guy is either a moron or a self destructive neophob. let me state my case, life is short and you should enjoy it to the fullest and if that means having a grape soda or a cupcake then so be it. no one  is guaranteed tomorrow so why not enjoy today. i mean people still smoke even though they know the dangers, same with people who drink. 

  i once read that Jack Lalanne never ate a piece of cake or ice cream. i mean what did he do on his birthday pile up celery and carrots in the shape of a cake the stick it in his juicer. i find it sad that this poor man never had the pleasure of  jamming a spoon in a pint of cherry garcia or big slice of  entenmanns ultimate crumb cake . sure it got him into his nineties wearing shoulder pads that would make Dick Butkus proud. but lets face it the guy could step off a curb and get hit by a bus and all the carrots in the world wouldn't help him.   

 so the battle continues the toes or the treat's so far the toes are winning out  but i don't know how long i can hold out . a snicker's for a pinky toe ? hmmm, it just might be worth it.