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March 11, 2010


We're going to take a short break from the haikus to try something new. So, last week were the Oscars. Blah. And the week before was the Night of 100 Stars Awards. Double blah. And before that, the SAG Awards, before that, the Grammies, before that, the Tonies, before that, the Emmies....

There are so many friggin' award shows and they're all a bunch of boring crap. I say we give out awards that really matter for truly interesting accomplishments here on FOD.

You can suggest a category, nominate someone for an existing category, or if you're really feeling bold, feel free to recommend both a category and the nominees.

Here are a few categories to start us off:

Cleverest Captioner (Male)
Cleverest Captioner (Female)
Fodonite I'd Most Like to See Naked (Male)
Fodonite I'd Most Like to See Naked (Female)
Best Blogger
Best Original Videographer
Best Internet Video Uploader
Best Image Selector
Best Image of All Time
Overall Most Significant Contribution