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October 26, 2012

Nany Yoselyn Ortega killed Marina Krim's two young children.

Three Young Children's Mother Marina Krim (from Manhattan, New York) lost her two kids. CNBC executive Marina Krim kids Lucia, 6, and Leo, 2, were found dead by their mother, Marina Krim, in a bathroom of their Upper West Side apartment on Thurday. She has revealed her beautiful family photos and details through her personal Liverjournal blog "Life With the Krim Kids".

From news report, "She [Lucia] looked so delightful. . . I asked her if she was maybe going on a play date or something and she said no, she was going home," said neighbor Charlotte Friedman, who rode the elevator with the two kids and her nanny. "I said, 'What did you do,' and she said, 'Dancing.' And that was it — they were only on the second floor so they left."

See Marina Krim with her children Family Photos and Suspect Nanny Arrested Pics Here!!

This story, and the others in recent days and weeks have been just heartwrenching. Two babies killed here for no reason. The baby in PA. The girl killed in NJ by teenage brothers for bicycle parts. The girl out west, also killed and dismembered by a teenager...I'm hugging my kids tighter, and hoping that these poor parents are able to find peace eventually...I know these wounds will never heal, but I do hope they find comfort...  

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