Sajak to cops: “Go f--- yourself!”


BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Is Pat Sajak going to jail? I guess “wheel” see!

The much-loved host of “Wheel of Fortune” was arrested last night on suspicions of driving under the influence. Arresting officer Constance Stintz said that Sajak was caught swerving erratically and pulled over. After getting out of the car, he told Officer Stintz to fill in the blanks and “Go f--- himself.”

“Yes, he got very aggressive,” says Stintz. “He told me repeatedly to go f--- myself, that I was a little s--- head, and to go s--- my own c--- in the back of a b---- - g------.”

Reportedly, not only was Sajak driving recklessly, but apparently he ran a red light, as well.

“What did you just say about Vanna White?” asked Sajak, upon having this explained to him. “Go get f---ed you lonely little man! Are you even married? I am, and I got Vanna, and let me tell you, she knows how to touch a whole lot more than tiles! What do you do for a living, pig?”

“My personal life is neither here nor there, nor is any of that relative to my job performance, I don’t know why he insists on asking things like that,” said an offended Stintz.

Sajak failed the sobriety tests he was subjected to. The cops presented him with a wheel to spin, telling him to aim for a specific number written on said wheel, which he missed by a long shot. After a review of his estate, attempting to bail himself out on these charges might well lead Mr. Sajak to bankruptcy.

“I’ve got a phrase for you,” Sajak told Stintz yet again. “Go f--- y---s--f, you h----- b----s---ing t----b----.”

When Stintz informed Sajak that he was going to have to be brought in on charges of DUI, he claims Sajak was anything but agreeable.

“DUI? That’s a lot of f---ing vowels,” spat Sajak. “Are you going to pay for any of them? Do you know who you’re messing with? I own syndicated daytime television and occasionally the 7 pm slot on CBS and some ABC-owned affiliates!”

Sajak reportedly even tried to pay Officer Stintz off, telling him that if he let him go, he could have a new boat and five nights in the Hamptons, some expenses paid.

It’s been a busy and unsettling week for cops in Beverly Hills all around. This news comes just days after “Family Feud” hosts Steve Harvey was arrested on similar charges, and he yelled at an officer, “Give me one reason!” , not to mention the highly publicized public meltdown of Alex Trebek, where he asked several officers, “What are you looking at?”