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January 03, 2011

So as i sit here on new years day watching indiana jones i find myself rembering why i don't really drink because the older you get the worse the hangovers get that is a fact i am now sure of.

And with this delightful hangover i am also at a bit of a loss to talk about so i shall just write down any random trivial shit until something useful comes to mind for example. Did you know that the word boring was first invented 20 minutes after the first board game was and thats a fact and by fact i mean i havnt done any research or google as it is infect something i have made completely up.

so what else ………. give me 10 minutes ill go find inspiration…………

Ok i was away a little longer than 10 minutes mane a day so i am a little more with it now so where were we yea a bitch well im sorry because there snothing to report it is hard vie been working no stop.

I would like to say another song coming soon and i am also aware that last months blog was only posted to certain places and i shall sort that when i post this.

i would also like to say how people go crazy and don't pay attention as this time of the year the plain ignorance in this country is unbelievable and the worst offenders seem to the oap's yes if any of you read this which i doubt as you properly too busy knitting and moaning about how you were much better as kids which in itself is a big load of hypocritical cow shit . You believe that because you have lived on this earth for that amount of time you have the right to treat younger people like shit and think that your always right well you know what if any oap wants my respect they will have to get down on there dodgy knees brake their arthritic hip take out their false teeth and offer me a gummer .Im not saying im going to go out and bash them up but i shall not show repect until i am shown some myself and at that before this gets too long and ridiculous i shall leave you now

Hope you had a good one and heres to the fact we've managed to live another year on this magical plannet thats filled with a bunch of ignorant cunts.

p.s ok so i have not been arced to post until now which is 3 days after i started and 2 after i wrote it but its here ……..