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June 08, 2011

Dark nordic babe Hadia Tajik takes top PILF honors.

In a unanimous decision announced Monday at the World Council of Dudes Conference in Brussels, Belgium, Norwegian Member of Parliament Hadia Tajik has been declared the World’s Top PILF.

“Her landmark work as an advisor to Norway’s ministers of Justice and Labor & Social Inclusion put the  young woman on the national and European political map, and it proved her to be an impressive individual,” said World Dude Council Chairman Richard Ablongata at Monday’s announcement.

“But then again, there are also those big, dark, bedroom eyes, that ‘come hither’ smile and that delicate but not inconsiderable swell of bosom.”

Ablongata then reportedly made a variety of odd sounds, such as “Grrrr!” and “Yow! Yow!” while tracing the figure of Ms. Tajik in the air with his hands.

Ablongata’s sentiments were echoed by Canadian Dude Council Member Rick Hearn, who said that the 27-year-old Scandinavian politician of Pakistani descent, who holds degrees in journalism and law “deserves to be named top PILF no matter what you think of her politics.”

The acronym “PILF” stands for “Politician I’d Like To…”

You get the idea.


Tajik edged out such hot contenders as Italian Minister of Equal Opportunity Mara Carfagna, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Alaska governor/serial shorty-dropper Sarah Palin.

Tajik, a raven-haired labor party member representing Oslo, is as notable for her command of international issues as for her drop-dead gorgeous face and man-killer smile.

She once worked as an advisor to Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who has been quoted as saying that she possess a sharp mind and a smokin’ bod.

“Tajik’s support of the Palestinian people has been an inspiration,” said the Premier, “and the same could easily be said for that sweet rack she carries around.”