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Published February 17, 2011
President Obama’s President’s Day Itinerary Time     Presidential Activity 8:00 am > Good morning beej from the first lady then back to sleep9:00 am > Check twitter (facebook sucks) as well     as cat videos from Biden > Bath time in Taft's monster tub, play-navy Note: don't forget submarine this time10:00 am  > Brunch: bald eagle omelet with Guy Fierei11:00 am  > Farts > Me time12:00 pm  > Sliding around the white house in socks     and silk robe, IT'S YOUR DAY BABY!!1:00 pm > Lunch: Subway with the kids > Photo op with bums outside of Subway,     make up some positive stuff about the     economy2:00 pm  > Dominate the secret service in basketball,     those dudes SUCK!3:00 pm > Oprah, duh4:00 pm > Smoke sweet sweet cigarettes on White     House roof w/o America getting on my     back about it5:00 pm > Watch/enjoy the dozens of cat videos     Biden sent, check twitter followers6:00 pm > Cocktails with Jon Hamm AS Don Draper     this time7:00 pm > Air Force One themed live dinner theater    ON Air Force One8:00 pm > Get drunk and watch "The Patriot" with The     Situation in The Situation Room, reminisce     about when Mel Gibson wasn't such a     D-bag9:00 pm  > Start to get a little bummed because     President's Day is almost over : (10:00 pm > Put up Obama as Che Guevara posters     with my boy BANKSY!!