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November 05, 2009


How is it that a celebrity, who we only slightly know through the misguided press, can make us go gooey eyed?

Today, I find myself gazing out of the windows and imagining my body wrapped around his. The silly thing is that i dont really imagine the actor, because I know that by doing that, then i am ruining my fantasy.

I imagine the character this person plays and set myself a role, one of a strong willed, brave sexy lady, who draws the attention of the man she wants....Now, i know some of you are probably thinking that I am KERAZZZZY!, but i am not. In fact, studies have shown that fantasising is really good for us. But when do you pull yourself back out of your fantasy and how do you stop it from affecting your reality?

Well, thats a question that has come into my mind of late. I find that when i start to have sexually charged dreams about a famous person, then i can get really into it, so much so that at times it can affect my thinking and daily routines and find myself racing home from work to have 'alone' time with myself......

Gross? No....its natural to indulge once in a while, which is what i have been doing....

Reality can get so dull at times, that it is easy to slink into my imagination and find myself toe to toe with the person who in reality doesnt even realise I exist, but in my mind and in my make believe world, then i am all this person wants.