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June 13, 2010


I had my hair POWER TRIMMED yesterday.  No more split ends and my hair is now super shiny ~ thanks to Bean, the gal who glamoured my crowning glory. 

My sister had hers trimmed also . . . she's waiting for her hair to grow extra long to donate to LOCKS of LOVE, for kids who lost their hair due to chemo therapy.  But James, her peirced all over his face hair designer, informed us of an effort to collect hair to help clean up the oil spill.

Did you know that hair absorb oil from our scalp and can also absorb crude oil.  Organizations collect hair and weave them into mats that helps absorb the oil when/where there are oil spills.  According to James, they will now try to make netted hair to clean up the water.

What can  you do to help . . .

Go to a hair salon that support the HAIR FOR OIL SPILL PROGRAM.  Have your hair cut or trimmed . . . WAA LAAA!!! you already helped the environment.  If you  are in the Chicagoland area, you can go to Milios on Belmont (www.milioshairsalon.com)

If the salon you go to is still not a supporter OR you cut your own hair or the hair of your family ~ it's easy to donate:

  • Step 1

    If you are representing a hair salon, you can sign up to become part of their donor database program at www.ExcessAccess.org by clicking the Business Sign Up Link.

    If you are a one time donor, you can participate as well. Schools can collect hair and mail it in. Pet owners can do this as well.

  • Step 2


    a. Please wash hair first.

    b. They will accept hair of any length.

    c. They will accept every type of hair - from the head only: straight, curly, dyed, permed, straightened.

    d. They also accept washed, used nylon stockings to pack the hair into. The nylons can have runs.

    e. Place the hair in a plastic bag and seal it tight.

  • Step 3

    They are currently working on getting a new warehouse. They request you do not send the hair until they post the new address. If you will register at www.ExcessAccess.org, they will contact you by e-mail when the new warehouse is open for business.

  • Step 4

    What do they do with the hair?

    a. They stuff loose hair into nylon stockings to make a "boom" that helps soak up and contain oil spills.

    b. They make certain that all other garbage has been removed. The hair are sent off to a "nonwoven needlepunch factory" to make hair mats. They use these mats to line cages of birds and mammals who got caught by an oil spill. They also use these mats in other oil spill emergencies

  • Read more: How to donate hair to Oil Spills program | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5878380_donate-hair-oil-spills-program.html#ixzz0qkZPaU4v

    Now is not the time to blame  . . .  we've done that the last few months.  Now is the time to actively help the ecosystem that is being destroyed by the oil spill.  Every hair strand counts!