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Published July 06, 2010
Hello to all.  Back for more I see.  Here are the overdue results for #13 and the new photo for #14.  Thanks again for all the laughs. Honorable mentionphukuhp-SHE WOULD BE A TRUE REDNECKS DREAM IF SHE ONLY HAD SOME BEER AND POT.MadAdam-Sheeyit! UncleDad's gonna keel me! Rhiann0n-69!3rd placelizardladyfla- Bubba,the septic tank is over flowin' again.Call Brownies ta suck it all out.We really have a shit sucker biz in my area called Brownies,ewwwww.2nd placegerhardguffaw- Maggie's last boyfriend soiled her reputation.1st placeray 14-The AAA guy is taking the picture because he's stuck, too.Pockets daily caption contest #14