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Published: December 01, 2008
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Series two is here! You noticed, right?

That's correct folks. After 94k views on episode #11, we went on hiatus, and now we're back. The show is slicker, the end theme is professional (thanks, btw, to Nick Whetro of The National Beekeepers Society and iCARUS HiMSELF for covering the song), and the sketches are overwhelmingly better (right?).

So, we're on episode #4 today ("Michael Cera"), with more to come every Monday until we're out of material for (probably around episode #10). We're still struggling for viewers, so if you like anything you do, tell your friends. Hop onto our myspace.com/sparklepicnic page, friend us, and then forward us to a friend.

Oh, and keep an eye out for a website in the near future. Within the next couple of weeks, www.SparklePicnic.com will be active and chock full o' videos and extras.

Love always,


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