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September 12, 2008


I don't live with my parents. I moved out about five years ago. However, since i move around a lot I use their address for certain things. They know this because they have been receivig mail addressed to me every day since I moved out. And every day when they receive this mail they open it! It does not matter to them that it is my name on the label or that it might be something personal (results of an STD test or letter dissmissing me from school). This does not bother them. So whenever I go to visit them my mother hands me a pile of rustled paper and envelopes that looks like she had the dog open them (they don't have a dog, but I like the image of a dog tearing open the mail). I ask my mother every time, "why did you open my mail?" And every time her response is the same, "I don't look at the name, I just open it." I love my mom because she knows that it bothers me and she still does it. The best though are the phone calls I get.

Mom: You got a letter from school about your financial aid award status. It says that you didn't fill out you fafsa for the upcoming year.

Shawn: Stop opening my mail, Mom!

Does anyone else experience this?