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Published July 25, 2011
Get Lost ( Two dirtballs from the same town that never grow up and have never left this dead end town are now f*ck budies. So they hit up the strip club for some drinks, but come closing time old Bobby Bo Dickerson and Momo Dee Roode bust out there hand guns and take the strip club for every dime that they have. As they Kidnap all the stripers. Now they hijack the stripers tour bus and are there way to Vancouver CA where the strippers have there next gig at. So Bobby Bo and Momo Dee act as if there working with the girls in there try to get away scott free. So they can both go there own way so they can do there own things for now on. Never to see each agian becuase f*ck anything that reminds them of home thats why or so they think.)  Super 666 ( Working as the head of the super market at the top Super Market is a living hell for one man and this is his mid-life crisis because being single in your late 40's is no walk in the park. So super high me.)  East vs West ( A kung fu movie with hart that takes places back in the WW2 days. For this was the war inside the war that once was the best keeped secret in the world well until now.)  Under the Skin ( Tick The movie. "You remeber that one super hero that has no real background." Well guess what where about to find out that ground baby! An yes it's time to kickass in the big city of dreams. )