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Published: January 24, 2009
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The American dream is not dead. I found it in a psych ward. I want to raise a family in America. I think I know where I want to raise them too. That's the end of my story. That's my dream. Everything else is politics&comedy.

But we are not at the end of my story. I don't even have the ability to tell my story well yet. The time is 7:00 pm and Barack Obama is President of the United States of America.

Damn. It feels good to type that.

His speech was perfect.

The Burris Affair doesn't even seem relevant anymore, but I will give you my opinion on the matter because it directly relates to what Barack Obama was talking about after he was sworn in.

They called the whole Burris Affair on the news a "scrum"

Hunter S. Thompson called my generation and those close to us "The New Scum"

Well, I think we are the New Scrum.

 Scrum is a rugby term. As a rugby player, I can speak confidently on The New Scrum.

Scrums are when alot of human beings on one team physically interlock to oppose the other team. There is pushing. There is shoving. There is mayhem.

It's Washington D.C.

But what happens after the game is over? At least on Long Island, people generally try to have good sportsmanship. We realize we are all in this together, and we try to at least have a little fun before we go back to real life. Because Rugby is a Game. Simply put, just a Game. The ability to know something is just a game is important.

 We're a nation of sports freaks, always have been. It shouldn't be too hard.

The problem with politics is that the game never ends. It's always in high gear. People never stop. I never want to become a politician for this reason. It's too stressful. Plus, It's not my destiny.

My destiny is to make people laugh. I've been doing it for quite sometime, and it's the only real trade I have.

I'm working on a live underground special right now that might turn into a recurring show, but who knows?

I'm just trying to live One Day At A Time.

Taking it slow and playing it cool.

Speaking of cool, the blog I post tommorow is going to be on the subject of cool.
And how it directly relates to an internet icon that gave me some advice.

Problem is, he's a geek. Some might call him the HEAD GEEK.

I don't want people to think I'm picking on him or am giving him shit.

It's just an article I think needs to be written.

It's called....

"Harry Head Geek&The Uncool Moves"

Keep an eye out!

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